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Deep Hot Soaking Bathtub Singapore


Model 1017

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Deep Hot Soaking Bathtub for Singapore

An affordable hot soak bathtub that you can find in Singapore. Without tiling installation.
Ready to use once purchase. Simply lay directly onto the floor of your bathroom.
Suitable for adult soaking or home use, SPA or other commercial purpose.

Model 1017 has an optional , with or without drain pipe. A new stainless steel push button outlet.
Bathtub model 1017 is suitable to use for HDB , EC and other bathroom , according to the floor size layout.  
This tub is wider in length,  the depth of tub allows you to immense the whole body and water level may reach till the neck level, as shown in the picture below.  

This is a deep soaking portable bathtub for HDB Singapore flat toilet where you can get it easily.  It’s simple design and spacious for a medium to large size person to dip into a soak. It is great for soaking one’s body after a long hard day at work.  As you can see in this design,  model 1017 tub is deeper than the rest of the portable bathtub available in our store. You can enjoy the luxury feeling of soaking your own body while sitting in an upright position with slight bend on knees.

The overall length of this portable tub is not long enough for you to stretch your whole leg, but it is deep enough to have a whole body soak in water.With it’s credit and uniquely in design, the main feature is ‘deeper than wider’ in size.

As this tub is the best choice especially for adults who enjoy taking a long and relaxing soak which may helps in health issues such as lowering blood pressure, cancer treatment , water therapy and even some eczema cases.

Suitable to be use with hydrotherapy portable SPA machine , create own home SPA with portable bathtub. Regular soaking in a soaking tub will helps to regulate blood circulation.


Introduction of a new outlet with a metal push button stopper with new drain pipe is suitable for dry bathroom.
Existing outlet remain plugged as it is. The additional price and pipe is an optional and upon request only
To include drain pipe and an extra outlet mention above, please contact us 8387 0301 or email.


PRICE – SG$300 (With drain pipe)




** For International Order , minimum purchase is 5 tubs. Please contact us. 


  • Net weight 8kg.
  • Overall size 123.2 x 71.7 x 65.8 (in cm).
  • Minimum space required – 125 x 73 cm.
  • Minimum width bathroom door is 59cm.
  • Material is from – PP
  • Anti-slip design feature on the seats.
  • Drain hole on the base.
  • Bathtub attach with a plug stopper. (existing)
  • Uses – for indoor and outdoor.
  • Main use for personal soaking enjoyment, SPA, can use with portable SPA machine, psoriasis treatment, cancer therapy and others.