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Mother’s Day Gift Promotion 2014

Posted: April 19, 2014 by admin   -   Comments Off

An annual special gift for mothers, grandmothers or mum to be is here again.
As they wish to be nicely treated to have a breakfast in bed, enjoy special meals, and receive cards and chocolates and many more treats.
It is a celebration of motherhood in every year that every family should cherish.

Gain a wonderful health is one of the  precious  gift for a mother.  It will be an amazing for her to get the experience of soaking , that helps her to relax and circulate the blood circulation. In addition , ease the pain of joints and health not only during  Mother’s Day, but throughout other day too.

A portable bath tub or SPA tub  is one of a great Mother’s Day Healthy Gift that we wish to offer as in our this month promotion.
Create a wellness at home so as to stay charming and healthy always.

For you to show your love and appreciation to your mother, we are giving more than just a day of happiness, it is rather for a healthier life being of a mum. Soaking in a portable bathtub can be one of the activity she’s longing to experience , but there is no chance as for some reasons.

Get a white portable bathtub for her at  SG$225, with a bathtub cover and a pouch of bath and body set .

OFFER VALID TILL 30th May 2014.
Dear mothers we will  delivery this for FREE!

mother's day gift 2014


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Mother's Day Gift 2014 Promotion

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